November 4

Qaxa now supports BTC trading pair

Some signal providers prefer to trade against dollar values, others trade in BTC, and some tend to mix their trades. Qaxa now lets you trade and automate any spot signals, whether XYZ/USDT or XYZ/BTC.

Change trading pair

When an exchange adopted a new altcoin, it was tradable for BTC only. When you preferred to keep profits in dollars, you had to make another step — somehow convert the BTC into USD.

Later, exchanges started to offer a USDT market for frequently traded crypto assets so that users could trade altcoins directly into USD equivalent.

Almost every altcoin that trades on BTC pair has a pairing in the USDT market. Only a handful of altcoins do not have a USDT pair on Binance. However, most altcoins trade under BTC, as well as USDT market pairs.

However, from a trading perspective, there still are differences. When bitcoin's price rallies and altcoins don't, they drop in BTC value, although they kept their USD value. The opposite is true when the market sentiment changes. Some traders even specialize in correlations between the bitcoin cycle and various altcoins cycles.

Less frequent but preferred by some is to keep profits in bitcoin as an investment.

Qaxa believes that the support of /BTC pair is still relevant. Therefore, we enabled this option, and you can easily switch the trading pair with a single click.

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