September 24

Connecting Qaxa with your Binance account

To execute trades in Qaxa, you need to connect it with your Binance account. Here's how to do it.

1. Open the API management page in Binance.

2. Enter a Label (e.g., Qaxa) and press the Create API button. After going through the security verification process, Binance will create your API and Secret keys.

Binance create api

3. Click the Edit restrictions button.

Binance edit restrictions

4. Check the Enable Spot & Margin Trading option. Make sure all other options are disabled.

Binance enable spot trading

5. Select the option Restrict access to trusted IPs only.

Binance restrict ip empty

6. In another browser window, open Binance settings in Qaxa.

Qaxa settings binance

7. Copy each IP address from Qaxa to Binance individually. Make sure to whitelist all IP addresses from the list, otherwise, Qaxa won't work with Binance.

Binance restrict ip

8. Click the Save button in Binance and confirm changes by going through the security verification process.

9. Click the Save changes button in Qaxa. After saving the changes, Qaxa will check the connection.

If everything's okay, Qaxa should be connected with your Binance account, and you can start trading.

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