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The reasons behind creating Qaxa

Cryptocurrency markets provide exceptional opportunities to make money. Unfortunately, very few people can consistently profit from investing or trading cryptocurrency markets. Qaxa aims to simplify the process, especially for newcomers, and reduce the time required to expose yourself to crypto gains from years to hours.

The reasons behind creating Qaxa

Many of the non-trading population struggle with the most basic stuff—setting up an account on the crypto exchange, learning the basics of buying and selling, distinguishing order types, keeping track of trades, and so on.

Those who successfully passed these entry steps often find out that once they opened a trade, they need to go back and manually place a sell order, to mention one example.

It's a constant process dragging you back to the exchange and draining your precious time—to keep things up and running. Many users start adding automation to this process by using cryptocurrency trading bots.

However, if you have ever tried a trading bot, you will admit that there are far too many options to go through. On top of it, new jargon comes into play, such as DCA bot, grid bot, limit order, market order, and trailing stop loss. Soon, you will realize that this is a whole new world to tackle.

Often, the user interface of trading bots is made "by trading pros for professional traders." If your ambition is not to become one, you'd surely be more comfortable with a super simple interface—to get the job done quickly, with more options to learn if you want to. Not the other way around.

Technicals aside, the most challenging part is trading! Being able to "use the systems" is just a necessary prerequisite. It is the decisions of "what and when to buy" to "when to sell" that make money.

Both trading and investing are based on the same principle—buying lower selling higher, while appropriately managing the risks. They only differ in time horizons. For the sake of this article, let's call them all "trading."

Trading is complicated. There are no guarantees that something will go up or down tomorrow. Successful trading requires a thoughtful approach to analyzing and managing probabilities. Although there is more than one way to make money in markets, it takes a lot of time to learn and gain experience.

To remain profitable, even those hardcore traders, who only eat, sleep, and trade need to put in a lot of mental work, eliminate emotions, maintain strict discipline, and mitigate risk management rules.

How does Qaxa solve these problems?

First of all, you do not have to be a trader yourself. You can hire trading professionals for pennies on the dollar. They usually use Telegram as a communication platform.

You receive Telegram signals for a reasonable fee, indicating what and when the trader is buying or selling. Many traders even share some trades in their free channel to give you a taste of what their paid signals look like. So, you do not necessarily need to spend any money to get started.

Qaxa is building a database of signal providers, so you can narrow down the search by your criteria and pick a provider who meets your requirements. Your risk profile is somewhere on a scale from conservative to ultra-dynamic, time horizons from scalping to long-term investing, or even your budget options may currently limit you to free channels only. Whatever combination it is, you will find the ones that fit your needs.

Now, when you have the provider who sends you signals, you can manually enter a trade every time a signal comes or use Qaxa's automated trading.

Connect Qaxa to your favorite Telegram channel and your exchange, and the only thing left to do is to monitor the performance of your trades.

We are designing the process of setting things up not to exceed some 15 minutes. Maybe, for someone who does not even have an account on an exchange, it will altogether take an hour. But, it is a one-time process in a newbie-friendly environment and well worth the effort.

There is no easier way to expose yourself to gains that cryptocurrency markets offer. We will provide you with all the necessary guides and wizards to walk you through comfortably and efficiently.

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