August 16

What is Qaxa

In its essence, Qaxa is a trading bot—an automation tool that converts Telegram trading signals into trades. It serves all kinds of users—from trading newbies through market aficionados to signal group providers.

So, what exactly is Qaxa?

Most trading bots on the market are for professional traders who know how to trade and utilize trading bots to execute their trades.

In contrast, Qaxa is for beginners. You don't have to understand technical indicators, entry and exit prices, or specific stop-loss types. All trade-specific details are copied and executed automatically in your exchange account.

Despite being designed with a beginner's mindset, professional traders can enjoy a handful of advanced features — from manual trade entry through multiple selling targets to trailing stop-loss.

Overall, Qaxa makes trading and keeping track of your trades simple. On top of it, it solves the most challenging part—trading decisions.

Most users are poor traders. They win, and they get rekt.

Luckily, many professional traders let others benefit from their experience. They share their trading decisions through so-called Trading Signals. In the trading space, these professionals are known as Signal Providers.

There is more than one way to make money in markets. Each professional trader has developed their trading style and different risk tolerance, timing, and other attributes.

In Qaxa, we want to give everyone an option to pick a provider who fits their personal preferences. Therefore, Qaxa aggregates multiple Signal providers and lets users execute trades based on the decisions of their favorite ones.

Qaxa is a collaborative partnership between trading experts and a crypto-skilled IT company that shares a single goal— to let everyone profit from crypto trading.

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