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CryptoClassics (CC) is a team of crypto professionals who come from the traditional trade market.
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Binance Futures, ByBit USDT
#ATOM/USDT Take-Profit target 2 ✅
Profit: 22.6056% 📈
Period: 23 Days 6 Hours 39 Minutes ⏰

Trade Type: long position
Entry zone 7.60 - 8.10
Amount: 3% from deposit
1) 9.30
2) 10.0
3) 11.0
Stop 6.75

KuCoin,, Binance
#TRIBE/USDT Take-Profit target 2 ✅
Profit: 12.0478% 📈
Period: 1 Days 0 Hours 3 Minutes ⏰

KuCoin,, Binance
#CLV/USDT All take-profit targets achieved 😎
Profit: 32.4138% 📈
Period: 5 Days 22 Hours 54 Minutes ⏰

Ethereum is following the pattern we identified earlier and that is good news.
The bad news is that the decline does not seem to be over and Ether is waiting for a deeper dive.

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