244 days ago

"STABLIX" stacking program fully launched!
Invest in "PROFTIX" tokens and get a daily income at the rate of 0.5% per day of fixed tokens on the user’s wallet.
‘STABLIX’ project also provides an opportunity to participate in a bonus program. Invite a friend and instantly get 5% from his/her first two deposits in the project. The bonus is added in ‘PROFTIX’ tokens and can be used for earning extra income or exchanged to other assets (using ‘Swap’ and ‘Sell’ sections in ‘STABLIX’ wallet).
To get acquainted with the detailed conditions of participation, please follow the link: https://stablix.medium.com/official-rules-of-stablix-staking-program-fac7305e6860 ,or - go to our website/telegram and we can help you with any question.
Website: https://stablix.io
Telegram: https://t.me/stablix_io

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