11 days ago

⭐️ Altcoin Update: MANA Analysis ⭐️
Amidst rare odds, MANA has surged almost 80% over the past 24 hours, with metaverse tokens leading the recovery charge. This means that it’s is now trading above its pre-crash levels.

For the first time in almost a month, MANA is comfortably above the 50-MA on the 4-hour chart. And we’re cautiously bullish for now, if it advances above 1.35. however, if it drops below the 50-MA, we can expect it to continue the bear trend to 0.7.
Here are our key levels
R1 1.35
R2 1.532
R3 1.701
S1 1.1
S2 0.898
S3 0.69

TradingView ChartTradingViewTradingView Chart

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