358 days ago

Okay so this is important update.
As we can see BTC is struggling to close daily above 35500.
On daily chart RSI is at critical rezistance and in combination with breakdown trendline on LTF price chart i am rly cautious.
So right now i decided to sell 50% of my holdings in BTC ( until now i was holding 60% in BTC and 40% in USDT)
Now i am holding only 30% BTC and 70% USDT.
i am starting to worry about this bull market when i see this technicals.
So right now there are two possible scenarios:
1. next leg down to 25k and 20k very soon (next few days)
2. Very boring sideways for next 40- 50 days and than continue in bull market
If you sell now than we are prepared for both scenarios because if it will dump we are okay and we can buy lower, if we will be in boring sideways than we will rebuy around same levels as soon as BTC will be looking bullish again.

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