143 days ago

Was just doin maintenance on my daily chart of BTC.
Here i am sharing it with you.
As you can see we are in the middle of nowhere, close to the very strong local rezistance and 20% far away from strong HTF support.
We are being pushed down by our current trend defined by yellow trendline.
On the other side there is pretty strong buy pressure because BTC, ETH, everything is just failing again and again to make real breakdown and dump.
I am not sure what can happen now, because technically we are still bearish for now but price action is so weird.
Strategy is now to wait lil bit more until we will get some confirmations of any direction move.
We can also pump thorugh trendline, make fakeout and get rejected around 41k, since funding rates are still negative.
Fundamentally it looks like big players are strongly accumulating Bitcoins at these price levels. And yes they are accumulating even if it looks like it want to dump because they want to buy everything from weak hands.

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