“a tradechanger”

The simplest crypto trading app

“the simplest crypto trading app”

Truly amazing

“truly amazing”

Turn signals into trades

Receive trading signals from dozens of crypto groups,
and turn them into trades with one click — or automatically.
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Turn signals into trades

What are trading signals?

Trading signals are messages posted by professional traders when they
enter a trade. Trading signals include information about buying & selling price
and stop loss. You can copy this information to create your trade.

What are trading signals

154+ crypto trading groups

Choose from 154 free and VIP crypto trading groups,
follow their updates, and copy or automate their trading signals.
Explore free and VIP trading groups

154 crypto trading groups

Automate trading signals

Create an action to convert signals to trades automatically,
as soon as the group posts them on their channel.

Automate trading signals

Manage trades easily

Amount, buying and selling price, stop-loss, real-time profit
— keep track of your trades in the blink of an eye.

Manage trades easily

Automate manual trades

Enter buying and selling price and let Qaxa make the trade.
As soon as the buy order gets filled, Qaxa will place a sell order.
Try creating a virtual buy & sell trade in one step

Automate manual trades
Ready to automate your trades?
Give Qaxa a try. Free for 30 days.
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