“a tradechanger”

The simplest crypto trading app

“the simplest crypto trading app”

Truly amazing

“truly amazing”

Turn signals into trades

Receive cryptocurrency news and trading signals from hundreds of crypto groups, and turn them into trades with one click — or automatically.

Turn signals into trades

What are trading signals?

Trading signals are messages posted by professional traders when they enter a trade. These signals include information about buying & selling price and stop loss. You can copy this information to create your trade.

What are trading signals


Explore the newsfeed below to make your trading decisions.

Explore the newsfeed

🚨Another critical security update is out for Chrome, or any Chromium-based browsers (Brave, Opera, Edge, etc) 🚨
‼️Please update your browser and/or app to the latest version‼️
This is a new update!

Google Chrome 102: Critical Security Update For All Windows, Mac & Linux UsersForbesGoogle Chrome 102: Critical Security Update For All Windows, Mac & Linux Users

All users of the Google Chrome web browser need to update as soon as is possible. Multiple new security vulnerabilities confirmed.

🆓Highstreet (HIGH) May-26 #HIGH $HIGH
HIGH just broke out of the $2.2 zone and is ready for a strong rally to the $2.6, $3, and $3.6 zones. However, if it loses the $2 zone, it will fall sharply to the $1.7 and 1.4$ zone
🔑Type /c on bot @cs_global_bot to get the latest trading map
Example :

✴️#ETH #крипто
комиссии в сети ETH = минимум за год

✴️#ETH #криптокомиссии в сети ETH = минимум за годИсточник:

Twitter has agreed to pay a $150 million fine for illegally collecting and selling user data.



🆓League of Kingdoms Arena (LOKA) May-26 #LOKA $LOKA
The $1.2 zone is still a very good support zone for LOKA and we can trust it in this zone and expect a strong rally to the $1.6, $1.9, and $2.3 zone. However, if it loses the 1.2$ zone, we need to be careful because it can fall sharply to the 1$ and 0.8$ zones.
Some Crypto Exchanges
Deribit :
Liquid :

Terra Ecosystem Revival Overview.
The network launched is scheduled for May 27.

Terra Ecosystem Revival Overview.The network launched is scheduled for May 27.
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